Who We Are

Founded by Jason Shechtman, a third-generation professional auctioneer, Landmark Auction Co., LLC conducts auctions in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Landmark handles all auctions including foreclosure sales, secured party sales and liquidations.  


What We Do

Professionalism and attention to detail are paramount to Landmark’s work.

Our company endeavors to understand and accomplish our clients’ objectives and priorities, and exceed their expectations.  We approach matters from a perspective of partnership – achieving our clients’ goals is synonymous with our own success.


How We Do It

Landmark has developed a loyal group of clients by protecting their interests, taking every opportunity to add value to the auction process, and providing superior service at competitive fees.  Our auctioneers bring strong focus to securing the highest returns for our clients.

Our company has also earned a strong following of bidders by being punctual, communicative, fair, considerate, and making the most current information available through use of technology.  We know the market, and the bidding community knows us.

Landmark’s website and voicemail system are constantly updated with current auction information and scheduling changes so that attendees can plan accordingly.  We are able to update our website through mobile devices, ensuring that information is accurate no matter when or where it changes.

When conducting foreclosure auctions, Landmark does not double-schedule auctioneers in the same time slot, so that each hour is dedicated to one property and the variables or delays that may arise.