Foreclosure Auction Basics

Property photos, Book/Page and map information are obtained from third party sources and provided here as a courtesy.  We cannot warrant the accuracy of such images or information.

$5,000 deposit except where noted in RI, MA and NH.  $10,000 deposit except where noted in VT. Official bank check or cash.  No personal checks.  Check payable to name of bidding party.

Most terms and conditions call for closing periods of 30 days.

All auctions subject to cancelation or postponement at any time, often the last minute, and without explanation.

We do not have interior access to auctioned properties nor any information on condition, title status or liens.  At times our clients provide us with Municipal Lien Certificates, which we share with bidders at time of auction.  We are not able to warrant the accuracy of the information contained in MLCs.  It is highly recommended that bidders conduct all due diligence in advance of auctions and contact the municipality to obtain any available tax or lien details.